2021 ONE-R

125, 250, 280 & 300 cc

The new TRS One R 2021, maintains the essence of the ONE model, which is easily distinguished by its anodized aluminum chassis and the Aluminum Tech front fork, driven on this occasion by the Evolution RR motor, and equipped with a  REIGER one way shock absorber and Keihin carburetor.

The incorporation of the ONE R model by TRS into its catalog, responds to the continued demand by consumers of a motorcycle with TOP components at a more affordable price, developed on the basis of the ONE, makes a technical leap to the Evolution MOTOR improving the kickstart mechanism and gear selector system,. The response of the rear suspension with a single-way REIGER shock absorber , simple and effective and with the incorporation of a KEIHIN carburetor that accentuates your RIDING style. The One R model also incorporates other differences from the ONE, including the NEKEN handlebar , the four-piston BRAKTEC monoblock front brake caliper and GALFER discs , Michelin X11, the new side chassis protectors and the new chain tensioner .

These R model bikes are specifically tuned to the UK Market, giving softer stronger power. This makes riding the bike much easier and enjoyable for our type of sections.

Additionally an Electric Start version is also available of the One R