Oset 16 ECO 2016 aged 5-7 years
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The OSET Spider 16.0 36v is the perfect machine for more advanced riders from 5 to 10 years old. This is physically the same bike as the OSET 16.0 24v, but fitted with an amazing 36v 750w motor, controller and accompanying electrical system. This motor really livens the bike up, and provides a lot of extra power. We do not recommend this bike for raw beginners. This machine is better for riders that have shown some talents and skills for riding, and who have the intent of competing in Trials events. For those just making a start, we recommend the 24v bike. Once the rider is ready, the 36v 'kit' can be fitted to make a 36v machine. The new 36v features the new OSET designed Kenda tires, a super wide double walled aluminium rear rim, all new RST front forks (3lbs lighter!), new alloy bars and stem, new OSET pegs, and great new brake levers. These features really enhance the bike. The 36v now weighs less and performs better than any previous model. This bike features a lovely red on black sticker kit, with a stunning red frame and black wheels. The new bars and stem also feature great looking graphics.