Galfer FD065 Brake Pads
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We think galfer make the best trials brake pads. They have powerful stopping power and are standard fitment on the majority of trials bike.

The FD065 pad fits the following bikes...

Aprilia TX 311 Front and Rear 86-88 Aprilia 280 Climber Front 92-96 Beta Synt / Gara Front 93-95 Beta TR34, TR35, Super TrialFront 89-90 Beta Zero Front 90-92 Beta Techno Front 94-95 Beta Techno Front and Rear 96-99 Beta Alp 200 Front and Rear 00-04 Fantic All Trials Models Front and Rear 89-97 GasGas All Trials Models Front and Rear 93-98 GasGas Pampera Front and Rear 96-99 GasGas 50 Boy Front and Rear 04-09 JCM Front 89 Montesa 307, 335 Front and Rear 88 Montesa 311, 314, 315r Front 92-00 Sherco All Trials Models Front and Rear 99-01 Sherco 125-200 Trials Models Front and Rear 02-03 Scorpa Easy 250/280 Front and Rear 94-99